Sub-Treasury Building and Ned Kelly Vault

The Sub Treasury Building, The Ned Kelly Vault

The Beechworth Gold Office and Sub-Treasury is located in Ford Street and is one of the most significant buildings within the Beechworth Historic Precinct. Beechworth's Gold Office and Sub-Treasury was constructed in 1858 by contractors Martell and Rogers at a total cost of 892 pounds. The building was expanded in 1861 by contractors Dalrymple and Simmie to include an additional two offices and a strongroom at a cost of 525 pounds.

The Sub-Treasury is home to The Ned Kelly Vault. It is an annex of The Burke Museum and houses one of the most significant Ned Kelly Collections in Australia from both The Burke Museum and private collections. On display is the original Ned Kelly's death mask, Ned Kelly's gun named Betty, brother Dan Kelly's pistol, the original table from the verandah of The Anne Jones Hotel, Glenrowan and original photographs and documents.

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 For further enquiries please contact The Burke Museum.

 The Gold story and display can be found in The Burke Museum.

Interesting Gold Facts. 


Worked under the Gold Warden to handle & Prepare gold for the 2 weekly escorts to Melbourne.


Price for gold was 4 Pound an ounce.


Escort took 192,000 ounces to Melbourne


Escort took 350,000 ounces to Melbourne


April & March 1857 Bank of New South Wales purchased over 300,000 ounces


Addition added at rear 2 offices and a strong room, barred windows and a massive gold vault – stronghold for the precious metal.


Sub-treasury became the Beechworth Police Station


The Police Station shifted to a new Police Station around the corner, opposite Prison

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